Holy Spirit Who is He?


"Holy Spirit

Who is He?

1. He is God (1 Cor 3:16)
2. He is our Helper (John 16:7)
3. He is our Comforter
4. He is our Teacher
5. He is the one who guides us

If you study the word of God, you will see that He is much more than what i have outlined above. We also see Jesus Christ our Lord and the One who died for us telling us that it is to our advantage that He went away and that the Holy Spirit come and that is how important He is to our lives. Jesus Christ though being God, didn't begin His ministry until He received the Holy Spirit and we see in the Word where Jesus Himself was led of the Spirit for instance when He was led of the Spirit to go to the Wilderness to be tempted.(Matthew 4 vs1). So if the Holy Spirit was important to Jesus how much more to us.

The Holy Spirit was also important in the ministry of the apostles that Jesus told them to tarry in Jerusalem until they had received the Holy Spirit so they were not to begin their ministry without the anointing of the Holy Spirit. If He was that important to the apostles how much more is He important to us.

The Holy Spirit is God s' gift to the body of Christ only, because Jesus said the world cannot receive Him. But Jesus is the gift of God to the world and the world can receive Jesus. So if you aren't yet born again you have to start by accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and then receive the Holy Spirit after being born again. For us children of God the Holy Spirit lives inside us so each and every day of our lives we have to live knowing that God is inside us.

The Bible says that He is our Helper and you will see that if you let Him He is going to help you through every aspect of your life. A helper is someone who helps someone to do something, so The Holy Spirit does not read the word for you neither does He do your praying for you but as a Helper He helps you to pray when its you who is praying and He makes you to understand His Word while it is you who is reading the Bible.

According to the Bible there is a process of receiving the Holy Spirit which is done after one has been saved. It is called the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Acts 8 vs 5-8,12 then Acts 8 vs 14-17. In the above verses we see the apostles sending Peter and John to Samaria after they had heard that Samaria had received the word of God after Philip had preached to them the good news of Christ. Notice that the people of Samaria were born again after Philip preached to them and when the apostles came they did not preach Christ because it had been done by Philip but they prayed for the people that they might receive the Holy Spirit and the people received the Holy Spirit.

Acts 19 vs 1-3,6 another instance is when Paul came to Ephesus when He saw certain disciples who had been born again but they hadn't yet received the Holy Spirit and He prayed for them and they also received the Holy Spirit.

Acts 2 vs 1-4 we see the disciples of Jesus who were born again believers waiting in Jerusalem to be filled by the Holy Spirit according to the commandment of Jesus Christ Himself.

So all these verses show us after we have been born again we must receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit and in all these instances the sign that the people had received the Holy Spirit was speaking in tongues. We know that God is the same yesterday today and forever and that He never changes, so if the New Testament believers spoke in tongues when they received the Holy Spirit we are also supposed to speak in tongues when we receive Him.(also read the story of Cornelius Acts 10 vs 44-46). 

Also read Mark 16 vs 17 Jesus tells us that speaking in tongues is a sign that shall follow them that believe so as long you are a believer you must speak in tongues. Some people may say that the Holy Spirit was only for New Testament believers but Jesus said that the Comforter would abide with us forever.

The Holy Spirit is the one who gave New Testament believers the power to preach the word of God in greater proportions as they did and also gave them the power to do signs and wonders that they did. If you receive the Holy Spirit you receive power to do things that you wouldn't be able to do.The Bible says that those who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God so we have to surrender to the Holy Spirit and let Him guide us in our lives. The Holy Spirit leads people to Christ only. If you want to live a victorious life you must follow the Word of the Holy Spirit in your life. So with the Holy Spirit life as a believer become easy because of the help that is inside you and you are not going to be moved by circumstances because you know that there is God living inside you and He is with you forever and that He will never abandon you." -Ezekiel Majoma is a Brother in Jesus Christ and a leading member in the Engaged Disciples of Jesus Christ Program at https://jesuschristleadershipacademy.org/disciples-of-jesus-christ

Ezekiel Majoma is a leading member in the Engaged Disciples of Jesus Christ Program at JCLA

Ezekiel Majoma is a leading member in the Engaged Disciples of Jesus Christ Program at JCLA